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Kuta. No matter the situation, distance is not the sheer stretch, it's the chance, the moment to sort our thoughts. It's the spot in which we face our impressions and where we create our vision. It's the foundation of operation: The L.ab.

the l.ab

l.ab is all about creating garments and accessories with a personal touch and letting the consumer participate throughout the entire process. we believe that this will create a personal bond between the user and garment and therefore it will be used for a longer time. the consumer also gets the knowledge about the whole process from measurements to a finished garment and also the hours spent behind a garment & that can be applied to all the garments you own.

all l.ab products will be sewn by our designer with a main focus to use leftover fabrics and trims. if you’re interested in a one of one running garment or have any ideas of a product that you want to develop with l.ab do not hesitate to reach out.

this is the first stretch of an undefined path, we are really excited to see where the road will take us.

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