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Kuta. No matter the situation, distance is not the sheer stretch, it's the chance, the moment to sort our thoughts. It's the spot in which we face our impressions and where we create our vision. It's the foundation of operation: The L.ab.


From the first time we met, we’ve shared a common passion for movement;

ranging from cold-water Nordic surfing and hiking in the far north, to the love of a good run.


Running side by side, the being together,  breathing together and sweating together have strengthened our bond. Being our best running partners for quite some miles now ( or if you’re the type that counts every kilometer) co-running seems to repeatedly boost our creativity, curiosity… and even our confidence!


With all the benefits that come with a trusted running partner (de facto studies have shown that running boosts honesty in the way that it quiets the mind), we decided to take the very first steps to start our own movement and to found Kuta Distance L.ab.

Functional garments responsibly produced in Stockholm, Sweden

Kuta Distance L.AB running garments are meticulously crafted through a locally produced, made-to-order approach. Our ethos revolves around reducing consumption and fostering a sustainable approach to garment production. To achieve this, we have established a collaborative partnership with a small-scale supplier located just outside Stockholm.

The merits of this partnership are manifold. By adhering to a production model that focuses on creating only the required quantities, we circumvent the pitfalls of mass production. This not only averts undue overconsumption but also eliminates the need to maintain excessive inventory. Consequently, our approach enables us to exercise full control over the production process, allowing us to engage directly with our valued customers concerning production timelines.

Our affiliation with our chosen supplier extends beyond mere logistics. We cultivate a personal connection with the skilled artisans who meticulously craft our garments. This intimate relationship eliminates the necessity of global travel for prototype testing. Instead, we can actively field-test our garments on-site, facilitating swift adjustments as needed.

Sustainability permeates every facet of our operations. Surplus fabrics find purpose in our signature Kuta Distance L.AB hangtags and are also preserved for garment repairs, further minimizing waste.

From our inception, the Kuta Distance L.AB brand was underpinned by a steadfast commitment to local production. Recognizing the wealth of expertise available in Sweden, we embraced the opportunity to leverage this expertise for our endeavors. Through our choices, we aspire to set an example for other brands, encouraging them to embrace domestic production and embrace more ecologically conscious methods of garment creation.




Kuta Distance L.ab is an innovation studio creating intentional running apparel that enriches your experience. Running essentials crafted with selected manufacturers using conscious low and high-tech materials.


We’re that new influential alternative to the established global sportswear brands. We position ourselves in the white spot where distance is not the sheer stretch, but an opportunity - that’s where we play.


We’re focused on becoming the most responsible version of ourselves. Accountable for our actions and arguments. Committed to making better choices every day across the business to minimize our environmental impact. We’d love for you to run by our side on this journey.

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