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Kuta. No matter the situation, distance is not the sheer stretch, it's the chance, the moment to sort our thoughts. It's the spot in which we face our impressions and where we create our vision. It's the foundation of operation: The L.ab.

We like to see the Kuta curation as an extension of our personalities; the perfect ( if we may say:)) intersection between contradiction and pure coordination, between the ruff and the refined. All blending together to an understated design with a few elements of surprise. Pieces crafted to last, that you will want to wear over and over and over again.


We aim for high quality, limited quantity. The goal is to sell out each season as opposed to put out stock for seasonal sale. Favorite pieces will transition to future drops and re-emerge into new playful combinations. Note to self: make sure to watch out not to miss out on any new releases.


messenger bag


The deliveries are special for us, every order we get from people whom we can reach by running gives us a good reason to go out for a run.

We realized straight away that it was problematic to bring packages with us. Running with packages in our hands or in a backpack is not optimal so we came up with a solution that we have tested for a while. The design had to be a lightweight backpack that could meet our needs and fit the kuta boxes.

Our designer found the solution we needed to solve these problems and made a three-point rolltop bag as a R&D project. The trims & webbing are leftovers from other projects, the spacer mesh is reused from the first prototype. We’ve used them since for our running deliveries and we’re really happy about the result.
It’s sewed in-house by us, so don’t expect it to be perfect in any way. 

This messenger bag is now for sale as a limited one of one

composition - dyneema 
ripstop 50gsm
volume - around 15 liters
made in Stockholm
price 800 sek


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