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Kuta is slang for bookin’it—No matter the situation, Distance is not the sheer stretch, It’s the chance, the moment to sort your thoughts.The spot in which we face our impressions, Where we create our vision, is the foundation of operation:
The L.AB

We are running your errands – strictly speaking. In our quest to offer exceptional service to our customers we offer a next day running courier delivery option on most orders within Stockholm city boundaries.

Our running messengers will make the fastest and most sustainable delivery to your doorstep, running in the footsteps of an age-old global tradition of racing couriers dating back to as far as 1080 BC. Kuta’s level of ambition for this mission is somewhere in between the hikyaku of Japan, the super-fast and stylish messengers for the shogunal governments averaging 80 miles a day wearing only thin loincloth and straw sandals, and the force and endurance of the fascinating Basque altitude, ultra runner couriers from the early 16th century. 

Please consider size carefully as returns only are available within the EU.

Return shipping must be paid for by the customer.

Items will normally be shipped 1-3 days after placed order.

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