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Kuta. No matter the situation, distance is not the sheer stretch, it's the chance, the moment to sort our thoughts. It's the spot in which we face our impressions and where we create our vision. It's the foundation of operation: The L.ab.

Crafted with Edge, Built Sustainably: Every Kuta Distance L.AB running garment is born from made-to-order precision, embodying our anti-mainstream ethos and eco-friendly practices. Our local partnership, just beyond Stockholm's hustle, ensures intentional production, zero excess, and direct dialogue with you.

Choosing us means choosing exceptional activewear while championing artisanship and a greener fashion.

kuta distance l.ab jacket 001. Designed and tested for runners. Made to order in a 55gsm Italian milled micro ripstop fabric. The jacket features a design with side pockets and deconstructed hood. This jacket perfectly complements the needs of runners in different weather conditions.

Available in size: XS, S, M, L, XL

distance jacket 001.

3,300 kr

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